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Matthias, is a designer and manufacturer of furniture, has owned/operated as Tree Fever Designs(Turnings) -since 2001, and a self-taught wood sculptor and woodturner,. Matthias, wife; Kim, and staff, now operate a manufacturing facility located close to Courtenay, on Vancouver Island, after a move from the East Kootenays. Tree Fever Design’s furniture (and some custom kitchens) can be found on the Kimberley Ski Hill and surrounding area- including Banff, Canmore, Golden, in developments, homes, and commercial businesses. Tree Fever Designs is also carried by Sims in Red Deer, who, in the  2014 Alberta Home Show won the award for best medium sized booth with some of Tree Fever Designs furniture

Matthias and his team specialize in creating “conversation pieces” with high quality furniture that will last a lifetime, and is fully Made in Canada. Matthias’ turnings, and sculptures are works of art! Pieces are created using a variety of woods, including slabs, burls, laminations, alder, fir, pine and driftwood. Matthias’ woodturnings have been featured in the NY Times and Oprah magazine, and been used as corporate gifts from various organizations, including a previous premier of BC who gave them to visiting dignitaries.

Tree Fever Designs, not only has unique furniture lines as seen in its catalogue, it is one of only a handful of Canadian manufacturers, which still proudly offers customizing of furniture, through retail locations.